Foxin’ Twins Online Slot Rating and reviews

You must recall the pair of foxes and their extravagant lifestyle from the two previous releases by NextGen, Foxin’ Wins and Foxin’ Wins again. These games may be found in your memory now. The fact that they have increased the size of their kingdom and are now living in a vast palace indicates that things are going very swimmingly for them. However, we now know that the male fox has a twin, and that the twin and the male fox both get a portion of the palace. Now, given that they both possess an equal share of the property, it is only appropriate that they each have their very own reel set in the slot machine known as Foxin’ Twins, isn’t it? To answer your question, yes, NextGen has made care to include two different reel sets, one for each of the fox twins, who each feature in their very own set. Are you itching to learn more?

Settings and Benefits of Playing Foxin’ Twins

You should be aware that since it is written in HTML5, Foxin’ Twins may be played on any mobile device running either Android or iOS. No matter what kind of computer, tablet, or mobile phone you use to play it, you won’t have any problems with the game’s performance or the settings on any of those devices.

You will have access to the same options regardless of the device you are using, including the ability to toggle the noises off or on and the capability to put the game into autoplay mode with just one click or tab. Even though you have two separate sets of reels, you will still be required to place your wagers over a total of 25 paylines in order to participate in the game. As a result, the lowest possible total wager you may put is 0.25 credits, and the most possible is 6.25 credits. This indicates that the lowest possible bet per line will be 0.01, and the highest possible bet will be 0.25. These bets will certainly increase in value if you take into account the SuperBet. The maximum wager allowed on SuperBet level 1 will be 12.50 credits, while the maximum wager allowed on SuperBet level 2 will be 25 credits.

When it comes to the game’s symbols, the Foxin’ Twins online slot has two different wilds. These wilds feature a pair of foxes, one set against a green backdrop and the other against a blue background. The wilds both provide you with 500 coins when they are part of the winning combination. Also making an appearance is the lady fox, who awards you with 250 coins, followed by the private aircraft, which awards you with 100 coins, and finally, the gates and the two glasses of champagne, which award you with 50 coins each. The ace and the king are worth 30 coins each, the queen and the jack are for 25 coins each, and the ten and nine are worth 15 coins each. The scatter award multiplies your bet by 100 times if you get a winning combination of 10 of a type and it pays out on both sets of reels.

Gameplay that is Packed with Features in Foxin’ Twins

You will find that Foxin’ Twins offers a high level of participation. The first choice you have to make, though, is whether or not you will have the SuperBet feature active, as well as at what level you will do so. This is the option that has the potential to alter everything for you. You will notice that the first reel set has a blue frame and is referred to as the reveal wild reel set. The second reel set has a green frame and is referred to as the multiply wild reel set. When the fox pup appears on the blue reel set, it has the potential to transform one or more symbols into wilds. If you do not have the SuperBet feature active, the only reel that has a fox pup is the third one; however, if you have it active on level one, the fox pup will appear on the middle three reels. If you have the SuperBet feature activated on level two, the fox pup will appear on each of the reels. If none of the two random characteristics are active at this time, the fox pups will show the green wilds; otherwise, they will show the blue wilds.

In the meanwhile, if you make a win on the green reel set with the assistance of one or more green wilds, your winnings will be multiplied by a factor of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, or even up to 20x, depending on the amount of your SuperBet. This feature is only available on the green reel set. The first level of the SuperBet will cost 25 coins, the level 1 bet will cost 50 coins, and the level 2 bet will cost 100 coins.

Now, let’s talk about the two additional perks that we discussed before. The first random characteristic is described as being “a bit wilder,” while the second feature is described as being “gone crazy.” The first one will turn any blue wilds that are present on the blue reel set into green wilds. The second one will transform one or more randomly selected ordinary symbols on the green reel set into wilds of the same color.

You also have access to bonus games that include free spins. You may activate them by getting between two and ten scatter symbols on each set of reels, at which point you will be awarded anything from ten to one hundred free games. During the free spins, the random features have a chance to become active, and you even have the opportunity to win more free spins!

And last but not least, there is the gamble option, which gives you the opportunity to further increase your profits by doubling or even quadrupling them, depending on whether you guess the appropriate suit or color of the cards.