Bingo Chimp is a chimpanzee that plays bingo.

Review of the Bingo Chimp

Bingo Chimp is a humorous, upbeat sort of site to play on. The company’s logo depicts a monkey joyously swinging through the trees, with a jungle setting replete with palm trees and waterfalls visible in the backdrop. Having fun and being naughty is the focus of the upper half of the homepage, which is above the fold, while the bottom half is about business as usual for the rest of the site.

This entails describing the slots and other games that are offered at Bingo Chimp, which are set up in a way that, it must be noted, is not in keeping with the concept. The colors and style of the layout are also not in keeping with the theme. This is a regular practice among the employees of Cozygames Management Ltd, the company that operates this website. The site is connected to the Live Bingo Network, which allows users to participate in bingo games at any time of day or night. Furthermore, all of these games, as well as the slots, have been designed to work well on mobile devices.

In relation to Bingo Chimp

Company Cozygames Management was founded in 2005, and since then, they have been developing bingo sites for the United Kingdom market. They’ve undoubtedly built hundreds of these sites by now, opting for number over quality in their approach, which is why some of their sites seem to have been thrown together in a hurry. Others, such as Bingo Chimp, have a more appealing design because they make use of a responsive design that is adapted to the demands of mobile and tablet users.

Additionally, there are over 35 different games available to be played on the site in addition to bingo, all of which have been professionally inspected to assure fair play and honest payments to players. When it comes to security, Bingo Chimp employs 128-bit SSL encryption, which should be sufficient to protect the sensitive information of clients. For help while using the site, please file a support ticket, and Bingo Chimp will make every effort to answer within 10 minutes of receiving your request.

There will be no fiddling with your banking.

A comprehensive FAQ section is available at Bingo Chimp, and it is here that you will find answers to all of your banking and withdrawal questions. The following deposit methods are permitted by the site: Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Solo, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, and Ukash. The minimum deposit amount is £10, while the maximum deposit amount is £500. Although Bingo Chimp does not mention withdrawal methods, it is likely that you may use all of the options listed above with the exception of Ukash and Paysafecard. Withdrawal requests may take up to 2-3 days to process, and then another few days before money are credited to your account.

The Chimp’s Extras are as follows:

The 400 percent welcome bonus is by far the most generous offer available at Bingo Chimp, and it may be claimed many times. This is applicable to deposits ranging from £5 to £500 in value. Consider that several of Cozygames Management’s other bingo sites offer welcome bonuses in excess of 500 percent, so you may be able to find a better bargain somewhere else if you look hard enough. Nonetheless, a 400 percent bonus is still a substantial sum of money. The wagering requirement for bingo is 4x and the wagering requirement for slots is 10x before this money can be withdrawn.

Additionally, as is customary for sites operated by this company, cashback may be earned by participating in the games offered here. This comes out to a measly 5 percent payback on deposits of over £25; but, if you reach deposits of over £200, you may collect a whopping 25 percent cashback. For new players, there may also be second deposit bonuses of 350 percent and 300 percent available, although the terms and conditions of this offer are never adequately stated at any of Cozygames Management’s several bingo sites.

The countdown to Bingo has begun.

When you enter the bingo lobby, you’ll find a succession of countdown clocks that will tell you when the next games are due to begin. In most cases, you shouldn’t have to wait much more than a minute or two for the action to begin. However, although 90-ball and 75-ball bingo are the most popular sorts of games you’ll find here, you may also find the rare 80-ball, 50-ball, and 30-ball game to enjoy, even if the jackpots for these games are often of a smaller value.

Tickets for these games may be purchased for as little as 1p or as much as £1, with the progressive jackpot games charging the highest prices. If you like, you may purchase many tickets for each game you join – this is the most effective approach to increase your odds of winning at the very least. There are undoubtedly some substantial amounts to be won from the jackpot games, with the largest games offering £2,500 in cash prizes at a time on a daily basis. Each and every one of the bingo games offered at Bingo Chimp is supplied by the Live Bingo Network, which broadcasts the same games to thousands of other sites around the United Kingdom and Europe at the same time. Down Town, Buckingham Palace, and Victoria 90 are some of the titles of these games, which are all extremely British in nature.

Discovering New Video Slots

Bingo Chimp also offers video slots, which are common at most bingo sites, as an additional way of amusement for its customers. Although it is not required for bingo sites to provide slots as an additional attraction, this is generally often the case. Toony Jack, Cupid’s Arrow, Aztecs, and Fish Toons are just a few of the titles available on Bingo Chimp’s website. These aren’t the kinds of titles that will immediately spring to mind for most slot players – these games aren’t very fantastic – but they are the kinds of slots that you can play for a few minutes to pass the time, which is basically what they are intended to do.

In addition to slots, scratch cards are available, with titles such as Bargainista, Treasures of King Arthur, Go Bo Bananas, Happy Hour, and You Bet Your Asteroids among the titles available. These games, as well as all of the games available to be played at Bingo Chimp, are accompanied with a user rating, which provides an idea as to whether or not they are worth your time to participate in them. Although these games will not likely capture your interest for very long, they will be sufficient for the purposes of attempting to win some money while not deviating too far from your next bingo game, which is likely just a few minutes away from beginning.

Bingo Chimp’s Final Thoughts

Bingo Chimp is one of the better sites that Cozygames Management has associated their brand with, but it is by no means the greatest due to the welcome bonus being 20 percent lower here and the fact that the concept hasn’t been executed especially well. In reality, it’s difficult to give these sites a fair rating since they’re all the same, exact clones of one another distinguished only by a reskin that changes the name, logo, and color scheme and nothing more about the website itself. As a result, Bingo Chimp is both excellent and horrible in the same way that all other sites operated by this company are.

The positive aspects of Bingo Chimp include a well-designed FAQ section, a diverse selection of deposit options, strong site security, and knowledgeable customer care. Because of the Live Bingo Network, there is a wide variety of bingo games to choose from, including specialist game varieties such as 30 and 50-ball bingo that you are unlikely to find anywhere else (aside from at every other site connected to Live Bingo Network). However many balls are available for selection, bingo is still bingo, regardless of the number of balls available. On the good side, the jackpots are worth a lot of money, and the prices of the tickets are reasonable. It is easy to cram in a large amount of bingo here without breaking the bank or making a difference in your initial deposit money’s funds.